DIY, Photo Shoots and drinks

With the studio up and basically functional the past couple of weeks have been devoted to fixing the little discomforts and testing the space out. First and foremost the heating was a problem as it always got bloody cold so I tested out 3 different methods: electric convection, electric radiator and a gas cabinet heater. The convection is pretty damned useless and the radiator is fine if you are close to it but I’d say the out and out winner is the gas heater; the idea of having open flame and explosive gas I will confess brings me some level of concern but I trust its severly unlikely anything will ever happen.

With the basic necessities sorted (warmth, comfort, tea and biscuits) I thought best to get on with the actual practice of photography so in the space of a week I had 3 test shoots with various new models and make-up artists. By and large they went well, one hiccup with a person not turning up but everyone else was great to work with and we got some good photos. Thanks to all models, make-up artists and assistants who made these photos possible.

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Let me correct myself: these are some of your best photos!

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