Coming soon: Dreghorn Photography Studio

Jon and I had a meeting with the estate agent and the landlord for the new location planned in Kinning Park. Everything went excellently; the landlord was a pleasant person and we quickly and easily came to an agreement to all the work that they will do for us before we move in. He was quite generous about the whole thing; we’d only wanted some redundant piping removed but he happily agreed to any other requests we made.

What all this means is that we now have a lease drafted, once its been checked and signed the work will begin and what looks to be our final due in date is Tuesday 10th November. After that it’ll be a week or two of doing up the place so my rough forecast for the studio opening is the 23rd November.

I’ll be uploading some photos of the location as it is now, then more as we carry out the work on it for a before and after perspective.

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