Quick Turnaround

So today we heard back from the estate agent at the Moon Poverty location today and as expected we didn’t get the location.

However this morning I had arranged a viewing of another property and by this afternoon we’d reached a loose arrangement with the landlord and have recieved the heads of lease, with our insertion date set for next week. I was shocked and enthused by this as it took us a month of correspondance to get to this point in the previous property. The difference; no solicitors.

I don’t have anything against my solicitor but I do dislike the overly expensive, time consuming bureaucracy that goes in to it. It took 2 weeks to exchange information due to all the bodies it had to go through and everything had to be done through letters; this time it was 2 e-mails and a phone call all the same day.

Legalities exist for the protection of both parties but so long as nobody plays silly buggers they shouldn’t be necessary.

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where is the property?

Tis in Kinning Park, literally 2 minutes from the M8, 10 minutes from the flat and 3 minutes from the nearest underground. Not a good location for people to casually find but very easy and convenient for people to find when they’ve had directions.

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