DP Studios – Day One

95 Portman Street-1 copy

We got in to the studio at 10am on Wednesday and since then everything has been non-stop; we’ve moved in all our equipment and I got to experience the joy that comes with driving a truck, which I was surprised to find was quite a lot. Having a ground floor location was certainly much appreciated after the trouble we had removing the equipment we had been storing on the flat, as even a single flight of stairs was quite difficult for some of it.

There’s still quite a lot of work to be done but the location is already basically functional. We’ll be spending the rest of this week tidying the place up and generally making it liveable, then next week we’ll probably be making it fully useable, and the week after making it look professional.

We have here some photos of what the place looked just as we arrived; I’ll be updating every day or two so keep checking back for more news and photos

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