DP Studios – Week two

Most of the first week was spent tidying things up and moving things in. Before we moved in the landlord carried out some work on the property which meant there was a solid coat of dust on everything and it took washing the entire floor 5 times to remove it. As well as that we had to move in quite a few things to make the space livable; food, cleaning material etc. The strangest thing is that after only a week 7 out of the 8 forks that we bought have gone missing with no explanation. As Jon and I are the only people to ever be in the space we’re rather mystified as to why the forks are not with us.

In any case the space is now basically useable though it will be Monday before we get the internet and a few weeks before the place looks right. In any case I set up and tested the studio equipment in the new space today and while it was encouraging to be able to use all the equipment to its proper use now that I have space I was a little distressed to learn the studio is actually too big for my little lights, I’m going to have to upgrade I think.

I’ve taken some more photos showing the studio as it is now, as well as the test shots from the studio. Points to the quickest person to guess correctly how I took the self portrait.

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I suspect some kind of rope/pulley system that carefully lowered a precise weight onto the Take Picture button of your camera? 😀

Hey Stuart, what you want is http://www.bowens.co.uk/content/product/higlide.jpg
and some sort of infinity curve, then your studio will look the business 🙂

Amusingly enough I actually have a Hi-Glide kit, its currently sitting behind the backdrop (the eagle eyed can make it out on the bottom left of the picture). We’re not putting it up until the ceiling is repainted so should be up by next week, when I’ll add more photos

nice one :top: very jealous, im still at the dreaming stage :(, goodluck,ill keep checking back to see how your getting onn!!

OK, I just read this but gonna answer anyway. You have a remote shutter release switch thingymajig in your hand. I’ve been wanting one for a while. 🙂

Hi Sarah.

The remote was actually only 99p on ebay. Had it 2 years now and it works fine so its definitely a worthwhile buy.

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